How the Managed Service Provider Benefits America’s Enterprise Level Companies

More and more American enterprises are turning to Managed Service Providers (MSPs) for IT support. An MSP is an outsourcing agent that handles certain IT duties for a company. As an example, so as to better focus on core business offerings, an online seller of gardening products might choose to hire out its IT help desk coverage to an MSP. With the modern proliferation of cloud-based services (SaaS, LaaS, Paas), many enterprises are charging their Managed Service Provider with IT vendor management.Recently, a Nimsoft survey of leaders in enterprises studied why companies use MSPs. To clarify, an enterprise is defined as a firm with 1,000 to 20,000 workers. The Nimsoft survey revealed that 55% of American enterprises currently maintain contracts with at least one Managed Service Provider; another 29% are planning to work with an MSP in the near future.Below, we list the benefits CIOs and other enterprise leaders say stem from MSP partnerships.1. Expert knowledgeThe Nimsoft study mentioned earlier found that 37% of enterprises hire MSPs for their “improved technical experience/depth.” A successful Managed Service Provider is usually an IT expert. Working with different clients in various arenas teaches MSPs how to find creative, cutting-edge answers to IT issues.2. Lowered RiskIT has become incredibly complex in the last few years. Nowadays, it’s nigh impossible for one person to continually watch all IT systems for potential trip-ups. As such, many enterprises share IT responsibility with an MSP so as to decrease the chance of system failures.3. Open Up In-House ResourcesJust over a third of enterprise executives choose to work with an MSP so as to “Improve focus on core business” services. If IT isn’t at the heart of your business, why try to handle it in-house? An MSP can provide masterful IT management, allowing in-house workers to focus more on what matters most to the brand.4. Lowered CostsWorking with a Managed Service Provider can do wonders for your IT budget! Indeed, cutting costs is the number one reason enterprise-level executives cited for hiring an MSP. Because they are specialists, Managed Service Providers can often deliver superior IT service at a lowered cost.To be more specific about how this might work, many MSPs offer a special tool called a Vendor Management System (VMS). A VMS clearly shows where IT spending is going, something that every CIO is eager to know. However, it would cost prohibitive to create a VMS in-house, so most enterprises instead hire an MSP.Both through improved efficiency and through smarter vendor and hardware purchases, an MSP can help an enterprise decrease costs.5. Twenty-four hour Support, Across the GlobeThe standard business day is growing as the Internet expands. Just a few years ago, it was impractical to operate outside of business hours, even if your overseas customers were awake. Now, however, a customer from Japan will expect continual service, no matter what time it is where your company is located. This shift accounts for the fact that 22% of the enterprise-level executives in the Nimsoft survey said they hired an MSP for “Better coverage for off-hours.”As we have seen, lowered costs, increased knowledge, diminished risk of system failure, and continual IT support are a few of the benefits enterprises can see from working with a Managed Service Provider.

Service Office – Affordable and Efficient Office Space For Your Business

A serviced office is a fully equipped office or even a whole office building that is managed and maintained by a facility company, which then rents it out to other companies. Other terms for serviced offices are business centers, executive centers, and managed offices. Because of the affordability and convenience that these offices offer, they have become commonplace facilities in many advanced cities all over the world.Service Office FeaturesIt is imperative that the serviced office of your choice offers all the standard office equipment and devices, as well as services; otherwise, you and your company will not be able to function properly and perform typical day-to-day business activities. You must commit only to a complete office, since this is essential to the smooth flow of the routine operation of your company. The following are the necessary features that must be present in any modern, reliable business serviced office.Complete Office Equipment and Devices, such as PCs, Modems, Printers, ScannersOffice Furniture, tables, and chairsCommunication devices, such as telephone, fax machine, and answering machineReliable Internet ConnectionSecurity Cameras / PersonnelCleaning PersonnelMaintenance ServiceAdvantages of Using Serviced OfficePerfect for EveryoneYou might have a small business that needs the use of minimal office space, or a good-sized company that will require a dozen workstations. Either way, it is advisable to take advantage of serviced offices. Whether a business exists on a project-to-project basis, or expected to continue fluidly for the longest term, these offices will surely meet every kind of business needs.Cost EffectivePeople choose to go for service apartments since they have been proven to offer great value for their money. For one thing, you will never need to worry about usual expenses such as set-up costs. Likewise, there is no such thing as having to pay for solicitor’s fees.Flexible and AdjustableThese offices are flexible in more ways than one. When it comes to the physical aspect, you can do just about anything, like modify office arrangement or expand the area for it to suit your company’s requirement. In the aspect of contracts, you can go and extend the lease or simply relocate to another place with great ease. There will hardly be any problem when it comes to leasing obligations.Total ConvenienceThese offices are assured to be fully equipped and ready to use by the company staff. There is no need for your own staff to clean and maintain the office since the facility company provides such services, the payment for which have already been included in the monthly rent.Modern Technology AvailableWith serviced offices, you can benefit from the use of the latest in office technology, such as high speed internet connection, safe and modern wiring and cabling, ample illumination for offices, ergonomic office chairs, tables, and furniture, air conditioning, among many others.Simply put, serviced offices are some of the most flexible and convenient facilities that individuals and companies can consider for the office space requirements.

Business Process Outsourcing For Small Business Owners

Business Process Outsourcing – What does it mean to you?Are you a small business owner? What does Business Process outsourcing mean to you? Did you believe that your turnover and business is not large enough to consider outsourcing? Are you of the opinion that you are not equipped to deal with other people (maybe on the other end of the globe) helping you run your business? Or, you could be a business owner in a country where you have BPO firms round the corner but you believe they are meant only for big corporations in developed nations? Well, think again!What is Business Process Outsourcing?As the terms indicate, it is simply handing over some of your business processes over to a partner to handle. Consider a party that you are planning, for instance. You prepare the food, handle the decorations and ask a friend to pick up the cake on his way to the party. Here you have outsourced one of your tasks (picking up the cake) so that you save some time. If you asked a friend to pick it up, you don’t lose anything and your friend feels gratified that he has been able to give you a hand. Or you could always ask the baker to deliver. Here they would charge an extra for delivery that would be an additional cost to you. However, it would save you from doing all the extra-running around and give you enough time to spruce up and enjoy your party! Isn’t it worth the extra dollar?Now carry forward this example to the business environment. For example, you operate a hotel in a resort town. Your rooms are great, food lip-smacking and service par-excellence. However, your competition is running you out simply because their advertising is far better. This is where business process outsourcing can help you. Marketing may not be the strongest arrow in your quiver. Left to your own devices, you would probably put a few ads in local newspapers; hire someone to set up a website, put up a few billboards around the city etc. All expensive methods, but which may not have the desired effect.Alternately, you could outsource your marketing to a BPO firm. These days, especially in India, you have several service providers that cater to individual needs and businesses. Scout around and you will easily find one that specializes in the tourism industry. They have the expertise; can readily give you the options with the costs and benefits and you can have a plan customized for you. Voila!Do you realize you are already doing business process outsourcing – to the security firm that takes care of security in your hotel, to the local grocery store where you source your daily supplies, to the laundry agency that does your hotel laundry, so many examples. The same mindset ought to apply to your business service partners. Analyze your business, identify your strengths, ascertain the chinks in your armour and outsource those areas to partners whose strengths lie in those areas.Business Process outsourcing has reached new heights in India. They have established themselves as successful and trusted partners for business not only in the United States and Europe, but even in other nations in the Asia Pacific region itself. From being support centres that cater to customers of big corporations, they have now moved up the value chain, handling value -added services like payroll processing, personnel recruitment, marketing, back-end processing etc. Then there are the ubiquitous software and online services like medical transcription, data entry, ad postings, application development and now – web site development and search engine optimization services.So do not be hesitant. Scout around, talk to prospective partners, and see who is the best fit based on your needs and budget and take the plunge. Almost all of the BPO firms would have a pricing strategy just for you. Before you build up the mutual trust, you could try a short-term contract based on results – this would be cost-effective for you and your partner firm would certainly accept these terms if they are interested in long-term prospects, which in all likelihood, they would! So what are you waiting for? – As the saying goes “Dimidium Facti Qui Coepit Habet”.This content may be reproduced or republished provided the source is referred to and intact.