Know And Use Your Consumer Rights

A consumer is an integral part of the marketplace in today¬ís time. In fact, without consumers, the marketplace is nothing. But still, consumers are served by a large number of low quality goods and services by suspicious manufacturers or companies for making more and more black money.In other words, consumers are being exploited by unreliable manufacturers just because of their illiteracy. A few consumers don’t even know about the consumer rights. In order to protect the right of consumer, government enacted a law called Consumer Protection Act in the year of 1986 that provides 6 basic rights to the consumers. All these rights are created in order to provide worthy products and services to the consumers.There are following consumer rights:1. Right to Safety:As per this right, the customers get the right to be protected against the shopping of goods and amenities which are unsafe to life as well as property. This right plays an essential role in order to safe and secures the life of consumers. This right involves concern for the consumer’s long-term interest and their current needs. Most of the times, the manufacturing defects of distinct products, for instance, pressure cookers, gas cylinders, iron, geyser, grinder-mixer, toaster, and other electrical appliances may cause harm to the life, health, and property of the innocent customers. This Right to Safety protects the customers from the sale of such unsatisfied and low quality products as well as services.2. Right to Information:As per the Right to Information, the consumers have the right to get information regarding the purity, price, quality, quantity and standard of goods or services in order to protect themselves against the abusive and unfair practices of dishonest proprietors. According to this right, manufacturer or owner must deliver right and relevant information to the consumers regarding the products.3. Right to Choose:As per Right to Choose, each and every customer has the right to choose the goods or services according to their choice and requirement. The right to choose is actually an assurance of ability, availability and access to a variety of products and services at reasonable price or fair price. The manufacturer or owner or supplier or retailer can’t force the consumer to purchase a particular brand only. The consumer can freely choose the highest quality and most suitable product as per their interest and budget.4. Right to be Heard or Right to Representation:Right to be heard or Right to Representation enables a consumer to represent them in front of anyone. In other words, consumers can complaint against dishonest manufacturer, owner, company, brand, etc. and a consumer grievance redressal forum has to consider their problem under this right.5. Right to Seek Redressal:Under Right to Seek Redressal, the consumer has the right to seek redressal or get compensation against unfair trade practices of suspicious manufacturer. This right assures justice to consumer against ill-treatment. The Right to Redressal includes compensation in the form of money or replacement of products as per the satisfaction and requirement of the consumer.6. Right to Consumer Education:As per the Right to Consumer Education, consumer acquires the knowledge about consumer rights. A knowledgeable customer knows the importance and right use of their rights. In fact, they can take action against any person due to which they are being cheated.Finally, I want to say that a large number of consumers are educated, but there is no shortage of illiterate consumers, who don’t have knowledge about the rights of consumers. Illiteracy is the main reason of their exploitation by many dishonest retailers. Now, they need not to be worried about it anymore as there are tons of genuine online consumer forum available for 24×7 in order to make them aware of consumer rights.Consumers can easily complete the procedure of consumer forum online complaint registration by following easy steps and get the best and optimal resolution corresponding to their problems within the least time.